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I've known David for 25 years and always found him to be highly creative, committed, and meticulous in the content and quality of his work. David is extremely demanding of himself and his work -- resulting in really first-rate design work, but at the same time with a level of timeliness and professionalism that is invaluable for a small studio.


Mark Stelzner

Media & Public Relations Coordinator
at Worldwide Veterinary Service

David is a gifted and versatile designer who loves a creative challenge. Aside from his great artistic sensibilities, he is also a very strong team leader and mentor. Our working relationship in a major publishing company was very productive, because David understands business as well as art and manages available resources effectively to meet deadlines and budgets consistently. I therefore would highly recommend David.

Rob Armstrong Martin

Assistant Dean and Director of Continuing Medical Education at NYU Winthrop Hospital

David is both a strong team-leader and a strong design visionary. He is able to encourage team cohesion even while each member pursues distinct deliverables, and he personally works to innovate design standards and story appeal throughout. David's magazine cover layouts increased monthly circulation over the prior year's issue by a significant percentage in each of 12 consecutive issues, and his creative use of typographic effects broke new ground in editorial style and impact. David is a tremendous visual asset to any brand on which he contributes.

Jeff Sprafkin

Entrepreneur, Go-to-Market Leader in Asia

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